Are there any tasks you won’t help me with?

Once you’ve got your virtual assistance in place, we’ll be happy to help you with almost any task. If it’s a service we can’t provide ourselves, your virtual assistant will find you someone who can help.  As you’d expect, we have our boundaries. We will not help with: Illegal, [...]

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Can my virtual assistant attend on-site meetings?

Your virtual assistant is fully remote and will not be able to attend on-site meetings - this is what makes a virtual assistant such an affordable resource. Because we’re remote working experts, your virtual assistant will integrate into your business so quickly you’ll wonder how you survived without them. [...]

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What work can I send to my virtual assistant?

We love a challenge here at Timpi so no matter how big, small or obscure your task is, just ask! Remember that as well as business support services, we also provide lifestyle support for those life admin tasks you can’t find the time for

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When will my VA be working for me?

Our team works standard business hours (Monday to Friday) with flexibility if pre-agreed. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, and have the confidence that your work will be completed by the agreed deadlines

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I’ve used all my hours but have more work for my VA. Help!

If you’ve used all of your hours but still have more work, then you can set a new maximum time limit for your virtual assistant to work to. This extra time is charged to the minute – so use 33 minutes above your regular commitment, and that’s all we’ll [...]

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How will I know when my virtual assistant is working for me?

Because of the way we operate, we don't block out time for clients. Instead, we manage our time depending on the upcoming deadlines. So long as you have agreed a timeframe for a piece of work, you can rest assured that your virtual assistant will deliver to your expectations. [...]

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How does my virtual assistant keep track of time?

We use a time recording system and will keep you updated so you can keep track of your usage. We send you your timesheets every month (or more often if you’d prefer). We will also let you know when you’ve used 75% of your minimum commitment before asking if [...]

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How does your pricing work?

We like to keep things simple which is why we are a pre-paid service. We will bill you upfront at the start of each month via GoCardless direct debit. If you’ve used any extra hours, we will add these to your next invoice

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