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How does a virtual assistant service work?2021-02-22T14:53:20+00:00

Because relationships are so important for a successful result, you will have a dedicated virtual assistant for all on-going support. This is someone that will know you, know the business and know how you like to do things. This is the same no matter which plan you use

How will you match me with my virtual assistant?2021-02-22T16:04:12+00:00

We start by holding a discovery call to make sure we fully understand your challenges and what support you need. Because we know our virtual assistants so well, we’re familiar with their strengths, work preferences and ideal type of client. With this information in hand, we’re take your needs and our virtual assistants’ skills and pair you up. 

A typical discovery call takes around 20 minutes – we will send you a proposal and detailed of your potential virtual assistant within 48 hours

What can I do if I don’t want customers to know I have a VA?2021-02-22T14:57:22+00:00

Not a problem. In this case, the best solution is to use a branded email so your virtual assistant can send and receive emails from your domain instead of their @timpi.co.uk address

Can my virtual assistant sign an NDA?2021-02-22T16:13:42+00:00

Yes, if you would prefer them to. All our virtual assistants are registered with the ICO and have signed NDAs with Timpi. They can sign an individual NDA if you need them to

Do you and your virtual assistants hold insurance?2021-02-22T16:12:42+00:00

Yes. All our virtual assistants hold individual professional indemnity insurance. However, by working with us, you are in contract with Timpi and not the individual virtual assistants. We hold professional indemnity insurance with AXA which covers all work on your account, as well as extensive Cyber Security Insurance

How do you comply with GDPR and data storage legislation?2021-02-22T16:22:00+00:00

Other than your contact details, which we need to provide our service, we do not store any of your personal information. We ask you invite your virtual assistant to your existing platforms such as your company CRM, Dropbox or Google Drive, using the company domain email provided or their @timpi email address. 

We act as ‘data processor’ for you and you are the ‘data controller’. Your VA will follow all your data protection policies. You have full control on permissions and can revoke access at any time. We carry out monthly audits to ensure no information is stored on the devices of the virtual assistants

How does my virtual assistant keep track of time?2021-02-22T14:55:34+00:00

We use a time recording system and will keep you updated so you can keep track of your usage. We send you your timesheets every month (or more often if you’d prefer). We will also let you know when you’ve used 75% of your minimum commitment before asking if you would like your VA to work beyond on this or stick to your pre-agreed hours

How does your pricing work?2021-02-22T14:52:26+00:00

We like to keep things simple which is why we are a pre-paid service. We will bill you upfront at the start of each month via GoCardless direct debit. If you’ve used any extra hours, we will add these to your next invoice

How will I know when my virtual assistant is working for me?2021-02-22T16:15:10+00:00

Because of the way we operate, we don’t block out time for clients. Instead, we manage our time depending on the upcoming deadlines. So long as you have agreed a timeframe for a piece of work, you can rest assured that your virtual assistant will deliver to your expectations. We keep you updated and let you know if there are any issues with timings

I’ve used all my hours but have more work for my VA. Help!2021-02-22T16:19:09+00:00

If you’ve used all of your hours but still have more work, then you can set a new maximum time limit for your virtual assistant to work to. This extra time is charged to the minute – so use 33 minutes above your regular commitment, and that’s all we’ll charge you for

Do I need to train my virtual assistant?2021-02-22T15:52:03+00:00

All our VAs are incredibly experienced and have worked with different platforms and integrated with a range of businesses. As with any new employee, you will need to on-board them into your business. This will mean they can learn your business and support you in the best way as quickly as possible

Do you provide holiday cover?2021-02-22T14:54:08+00:00

Yes of course. We will always tell you about planned holidays in advance so that we can ensure a smooth handover

What happens if I’m not happy with my VA?2021-02-22T16:08:08+00:00

Because of the way in which we match our clients with their virtual assistants, it’s rare to find a relationship that doesn’t work. But, because we’re only human, there’s always chance that you won’t hit it off. In which case, we’ll get onto the case straight away. Call us and we’ll find a way to settle the issue. 

We want you to love working with us – and will never make you work with a virtual assistant you wouldn’t personally choose to work with

Who are your virtual assistants?2021-02-22T16:01:13+00:00

Our virtual assistants typically have at least 10 years’ experience with the majority having worked at CEO and MD level in the city. We’re picky when it comes to selecting our VAs – only 2% of applicants are successful!

In order to join our ranks, each candidate sends us their CV, completes an online assessment, shares two glowing references and sends us a video telling us a little about them. If they seem to have what it takes, they then have a full interview with our founder to ensure they fit our ethos and have what it takes to deliver the service our clients expect

Are there any tasks you won’t help me with?2021-02-22T16:20:40+00:00

Once you’ve got your virtual assistance in place, we’ll be happy to help you with almost any task. If it’s a service we can’t provide ourselves, your virtual assistant will find you someone who can help. 

As you’d expect, we have our boundaries. We will not help with:

Illegal, exploitative or dangerous tasks

Sending bulk emails (spam)

Can my VA support my team, as well as me?2021-02-22T16:09:16+00:00

Yes of course. When you work with us, you pay for the time used to support your business or family. We are here to support you, which is why there are no restrictions

Can my virtual assistant attend on-site meetings?2021-02-22T16:07:09+00:00

Your virtual assistant is fully remote and will not be able to attend on-site meetings – this is what makes a virtual assistant such an affordable resource. Because we’re remote working experts, your virtual assistant will integrate into your business so quickly you’ll wonder how you survived without them. For example: 

  • They could dial into your meetings to take meeting notes
  • They could manage webinars on your behalf (even handling all the tech support)
  • They can even co-ordinate those multi-time-zone meetings, confirm attendance from all parties and then circulate a meeting recording to anyone who missed the call.  

Need some help? Your virtual assistant is almost guaranteed to find a way to make things happen

How do I communicate with my virtual assistant?2021-02-22T14:54:49+00:00

Simply, whatever works for you to make your life easier. Whether that be email, WhatsApp, voice notes or an old-fashioned phone call

What work can I send to my virtual assistant?2021-02-22T15:45:28+00:00

We love a challenge here at Timpi so no matter how big, small or obscure your task is, just ask! Remember that as well as business support services, we also provide lifestyle support for those life admin tasks you can’t find the time for

When will my VA be working for me?2021-02-22T16:02:33+00:00

Our team works standard business hours (Monday to Friday) with flexibility if pre-agreed. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, and have the confidence that your work will be completed by the agreed deadlines

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