Business support

Research, project management and special requests

Research, Project Management and Special Requests

Hand over those tricky tasks

Whether it’s a new purchase you don’t have time to research or the kind of request that you never thought you’d be asking for, call on us! Our team of virtual assistants are a dab hand at scoping out ideas, carrying out research and looking after unusual requests.

Keep projects on track, get key facts sorted and research big decisions with the help of our business support services. Your virtual assistant can look after almost any task from buying gifts to chasing up outstanding actions and everything in between.

Relieve the pressure

Need new equipment or software but don’t have the time to fully understand the details? Get your virtual assistant on the case. They’ll draw up a list of the options available together with the benefits, prices, delivery lead times and any other factors you need to consider.

Your virtual assistant will thoroughly research suppliers and get quotes for work from new and existing suppliers. Whether it’s for a new marketing agency or a courier, your virtual assistant will use their communication skills and years of experience to create a clear brief and request a realistic quote, giving you the details you need to understand your next steps.

Research, Project Management and Special Requests
Research, Project Management and Special Requests

Share your workload

Capitalise on your virtual assistant’s organisational skills by getting them to help manage your projects. It might be liaising with multiple teams for their status updates or checking in to make sure everyone has everything they need to meet your deadline. Your virtual assistant can do the legwork on your behalf, presenting you with the bare facts so you know what’s what.

Your virtual assistant is there to help with those mundane and time-consuming tasks. Why not pass your company gift buying onto your virtual assistant? They’ll be able to choose the perfect gifts and arrange for them to be delivered to the right people at the right time without you having to lift a finger. 

How can Timpi help with your project?

Wondering how our research, project management and special requests service works? Here’s an example of how your virtual assistant can help.

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