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Grow your business with professional HR support

Looking for an easier way to look after your employees? Our HR service has you covered. From structuring policies to ensuring equality and inclusion, we’ll help you get the most out of your team and keep everyone firing on all cylinders.

Use our HR service for qualified and experienced HR support. Your organised virtual assistant will be able to arrange for a range of professional HR services to help you with the support you need for your business and your team.

Experience HR advice

People policies in a knot? Overwhelmed by the specialist admin that comes with employing your own team? Get our specialist HR contacts on the case and they’ll unravel the difficulties that so many business owners experience, helping you get on with running your business safely and legally.

We can help with writing policies and contracts that are tailored to your business so you can be sure nothing slips between the gaps.

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Through thick and thin

There are some situations where expert advice is especially important, such as redundancies, grievances and employee disciplinaries. Our professional HR consultants can guide you through the more difficult elements of employing staff, helping you ensure everyone is treated fairly and legally.

The Timpi HR consultancy service is available as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. Our HR consultants will integrate with the rest of your business and your VA to give you the best possible service for the best results.

Wondering if our HR service is right for you? Here’s an example of how we could help.

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