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Email management

Email Management

Keeping on top of your inbox

Inbox from hell? We hear you. Crammed inboxes make it difficult to identify important emails and it becomes too easy to lose track of who sent what. The result? Missed opportunities and a permanent sense of overwhelm!

Stay on top of your emails the easy way by using our business support service. With your virtual assistant on side, late night emails and Sunday morning inbox clearing become a thing of the past. Instead, you get a chance to relax, ready to take on the world come Monday morning.

Curb the interruptions

We tailor our email management service to suit your needs, so our virtual assistants work in a variety of ways. We’d typically recommend your VA checks your emails twice a day – once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. This way they’re quickly alerted to important emails and can filter out unnecessary or duplicated messages leaving you only what you need to know.

There’s little your virtual assistant won’t know about email management, and they’ll be able to use the full range of Gmail’s functionality to put rules in place that will automatically archive or flag emails according to what’s important to you.

Email Management
Email Management

Action on your behalf

Reading emails is one thing. Responding to and actioning them is another thing entirely. But with your private assistant on hand, it’s easier than ever to respond. Using time that used to be ‘dead’, such as time spent travelling, you can dictate emails to your VA or review your inbox content giving your VA instructions as to how you want them to respond on your behalf.

Our email management service is especially helpful in lead management, helping you keep track of follow-ups and expressions of interest for more sales and a more engaged client network.

How can Timpi help manage my emails?

Curious about how our email management service could work for you? Here’s an example of how your virtual assistant can help you take control of your inbox. Your virtual assistant will:

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