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How to build a good working relationship with your Virtual Assistant

Nov 12 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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Before you think about employing a Virtual Assistant you first need to understand what tasks want to do yourself and which you are happy to allow someone else to do. It might be that the tasks you will want to hold onto are those that play to your strengths and that you enjoy more. You will probably find that the jobs you want someone else to do will be those you don’t have time to learn or that you find more mundane. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to find people to undertake the tasks you either don’t want to do or may struggle with.

You do need to ask yourself if you are ready to delegate certain jobs and ‘let go’ to someone you may never meet. If you are ready for this the benefits of doing so can be truly life changing. You also need to know how your relationship will work and what tasks your VA will be doing so that you can both be as productive as possible. There’s no point bringing in someone to simplify your life if you don’t know how they will do it.

So, once you have hired your VA, how to do get the most out of them?

It works well if you and your VA can get into a routine and find each other’s groove. If there are repetitive tasks, this can help your VA plan their time and also allows you to give them regular work.

It also helps your assistant become familiar with your business far quicker. Good tasks for VA’s are ones that are the most time consuming for you. These could be managing your diary and emails, updating social media, research and admin. These tasks if outsourced can gain you back hours so you can get on with what you need to do. This is a win win situation. You are getting someone else to do the jobs you don’t want to do and getting more time to do what you want! As your relationship develops, you will have more confidence in them to be able to delegate effectively. This may also lead to you running an idea by them or asking for their thoughts on a subject which will let them see how valued they are as part of your team.

It is key to set clear deadlines for your VA so you both know when the job will be completed. You don’t need to micromanage them but if you both have the deadline in your mind and you will have the same expectations of the task. Good communication will help this. Although they are working remotely, regular contact with your VA will give them encouragement and will help maintain a good working relationship. We recommend a having a check-in call on weekly basis rather than communicating everything via text or email.

As Virtual Assistants are not employees so most of the time they will have other clients. They will not be available all day every day but if you can find out their schedule then you will know what to expect from them and when. In the long run this will help to develop a really positive working relationship.

A VA can be a huge asset to any small business owner as they can save money, work more effectively and can result in great profitability; and if you build a good working relationship, the sky is literally your limit to how they can benefit your business.

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