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The Timpi business support and lifestyle management app

An even easier way to lighten the load

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The Timpi App

Working with Timpi is about more than just ticking off your to-do list. It’s about doing so with complete confidence. That’s why we’ve developed the Timpi app. Our app makes life even simpler by giving you everything you need to outsource your to-do lists and errands in complete security.

Secure and supportive

The Timpi app not only makes working with us even easier, but it guarantees data security – essential in a time where your personal data can be so easily exposed. With a secure messaging tool and personal data vault, it’s one more way for us to protect our clients while providing our trusted, professional service.

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What can I use the Timpi app for?

The Timpi app is here to make day to day contact with your VA even easier and more secure. You can use it to:

Timpi Virtual Assistants Services UK

Connect with your VA

The Timpi mobile app and desktop portal is the gateway to managing every aspect and staying connected with your VA.

Chat and check in

Telephone or video call your VA through the Timpi app with nothing more than a tap on your device’s screen.

Send secure messages

Use the app’s protected instant messaging service for quick updates when a call’s not necessary.

Manage to-do list

With everything you need stored in one place, you can easily use the app to review your VA’s tasks and update their to-do list.

Confirm approvals

Ready to approve a payment, request or document? Use the app for a documented approval that’s secure and timestamped.

Sign documents

With an electronic signature option, signing paperwork is easy, secure and fast.

Collaborate with ease

The app’s collaboration technology means faster edits, easy mark-ups and clearer feedback.

Stay updated

Review your VA’s timesheet, invoices and contracts with a quick tap – no need to request updates or comb through a busy inbox.

Virtual Assistant Services UK

The Timpi app is available to anyone who works with us. After all, who said seamless, personal and trustworthy support should be available to only a select few?

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Timpi app on Google play store

Timpi app – FAQs

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