Why Freelancers Save You Money

Feb 4 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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Whatever the size of your company, hiring a freelancer can make a huge difference to profits and widens the net available to you when searching for the perfect staff.

There is no commitment when using a freelancer as they can be brought in for specific projects that require certain skills and you can have your pick of the crop in choosing who to hire. When the project is finished so is the freelancers’ contract so there is no need to continue paying someone when they are not needed. You can work out who you need next and focus on securing them, therefore making massive savings in the process. This also benefits the freelancer who can pick and choose the jobs that fit their skillset and in return you get a focussed and keen worker who will really put the hours in. Some (not all) staff in permanent jobs can get complacent and lack motivation and will stay under the radar by doing just enough work not to get noticed. A successful company needs staff who will put the effort in and freelancers are inspired to do just that. They need to make a good impression or they won’t get asked to return and their reputation depends on it.

Another cost saving to hiring a freelancer is that you do not have to offer them benefits. Health care, life insurance and pensions can cost 1000’s in a business’ monthly outgoings so if these can be eliminated there is an instant saving. You can also make quick savings on office equipment. A lot of freelancers work from home so you do not need to provide a computer or phone and they won’t eat into your desk space, which can be used for the staff that you require on a more permanent basis.

As freelancers bring the skills with them for a specific project you can also make savings on training. A freelancer can hit the ground running and use their expertise to carry out the job to a high standard without you paying a penny towards enhancing their skills to do it. You will get high quality work from them as they will be an expert in their field and will relish in the chance to show what they are good at.

Using a freelancer gives a business great flexibility. They are only paid for the work that they do and this can be as little or as much as you choose. Permanent staff are paid regardless of what they do so during quieter periods when they are twiddling their thumbs you will still have to find the money for their salary and benefits. You can have a mix of full time, part time staff and freelancers in order to strike a balance and this will help to keep the company ideas fresh. Using a freelancer for busy periods or a niche project will seriously reduce your business outlay.

If you would like further information on how a freelancer could save your business some serious cash, get in touch with Timpi today.