Top trick-or-treat tips for a socially distanced Halloween!

Oct 21 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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Halloween is upon us! The spooky seasons has started and it’s got everyone thinking about how trick or treating will work in the COVID landscape, so we thought we’d give all of the parents out there some trick or treat tips for this year’s October 31st:

Keep it to close friends and familyvirtual assistant

Often, different families come together for trick or treating expeditions. This year, even if it is legal to meet in groups of 6, it might be best to keep your trick or treating crew to just close friends and family – this will minimise risk of transmission, particularly when going from door to door.

Bring hand sanitiser

With trick or treating, there’ll hopefully be a lot of sweets switching hands and being traded in and out. Having hand sanitiser on your person will take care of much of the hand-to-hand transmission of germs so be sure to pick up a bottle for your Halloween outing.

Stay back when handing out

If you’re doling out the sweets to trick or treaters, it would be a good idea when you open the door to pop the sweets on the doorstep, step back and let the kids come and take the chocolate. This will reduce the chance of airborne infection – bonus points for wearing a face mask.

Place a pumpkin signpost

A popular idea for Halloween trick or treating is that you should only visit homes that have a pumpkin outside. This has become shorthand for ‘I’m open to trick or treaters!’, so if you’re prepped to hand out treats then place a pumpkin on your doorstep or in your window to let people know they can knock on your door.

Choose an alternative Halloween

If you aren’t comfortable with taking your kids trick or treating then try to come up with an alternative fun game that’ll make sure your children don’t feel left out. One idea is to head out for a walk, in costume, and then give your kids treats for every pumpkin they spot in your neighbourhood.

Speaking of Halloween, here at TIMPI, we absolutely love pumpkins and pumpkin carving! If you’ve carved out a pumpkin you’re proud of this year, send us a pic and we’ll get it featured in our next newsletter!