Save Time and Money With a Virtual Assistant

Oct 21 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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Most people find that there are not enough hours in the day and not even money in the budget to get everything done. From one business category to another, this is a common theme. But did you ever think about adapting your approach so that you are simply using your time and budget more efficiently? The solution could be as simple as bringing in a virtual assistant!

Virtual assistants help…

Help ease the strain when things get too busy

When it’s time for all hands on deck, VAs thrive on being helpful however they can. Used to frantic paces and great at suggesting shortcuts to help out everyone, they are primed for those busy and stressful times where you need them to step it up and help.

Can save you from overspending just for basic tasks

Another perk to a VA is that they can take on tasks such as bookkeeping, SEO analytics and other tasks that are time-consuming but also expensive when you look at outsourcing to a firm of some kind. If you get a VA with specific education and knowledge in those fields — many are out there — you’ll be able to rely on their education and background to help you cut out those firms and focus on their much more reasonable salaries instead. They’ll do the work faster and cheaper than a firm would ever charge, that’s for sure.

Provide superior customer service

VAs love what they do and that means that this enjoyment and passion come through in the way that they handle something as potentially stressful and repetitive as customer service. From handling inquiries to taking appointments and beyond, customer service is a great match for the motivated VA.

Be flexible and ready to roll with the changes

Notorious for jumping in when needed, you’ll find that VAs are going to be available whenever you need it, however you need it, even if that changes from week to week.

If you’re thinking that all of these tasks can easily be done by a personal assistant, then you’re absolutely right. Technically, they all can be. However, hiring a full-time personal assistant, training them on everything that you need and then even charging overtime if they have to work outside of their normal work hours all adds up in dollars and time. A VA is going to be your “plug and play” option that thrives on being dropped into a project and helping make it better.

Flexible and as professional and supportive — if not more so — than a personal assistant, a VA can help ease the stress and load where you need it most.