How to organise your life with a Virtual Assistant

Sep 16 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

Virtual Assistant Services UK

Do you need some assistance at work and at home? Here’s how to organise your life with a Virtual Assistant.

Life can be hectic sometimes, even more so when we are disorganised. Work can bleed into our personal lives, leaving us doing paperwork or checking work emails late into the night. And then there’s bills to pay, hotels to book and childcare to organise…Soon enough, our lives feel out of control, and we can face sleepless nights and a dwindling mental health.

A great way to bring the organisation back to your life is by hiring a virtual assistant. Here at Timpi, we are experts at helping people sort out their work and personal lives. We aren’t robots on a system, but instead real people are working on real-life problems. Not only will you be less-stressed with our support, but you can relax knowing that you will never forget about a doctors appointment or meeting again too!

Keep reading to learn more about how you can organise your life with a virtual assistant. You can ensure your to-do-lists are checked off every day without you needing to file away extra time after the kids are in bed to send emails and check voicemails.

Virtual Assistance At Home

Finding Childcare

You don’t need to have a busy work life to hire a virtual assistant as there are many of us out there who need help at home too. Maybe you have a hectic home life with childcare to organise and bills to pay. You might forget doctors appointments and school meetings because you are too busy thinking of the next thing to do on your list.

A personal assistant can book childcare or doggy daycare, pay your bills and remind you about all of your important events. They can organise your life and ensure your time at home is spent relaxing and spending time with your children rather than stressing.

If you work full-time, a virtual assistant can be even more helpful, ensuring you have nothing to organise yourself after a long day in the office.

We can even help you find tutors for your children and help boost their grades. Whether they need support because of Covid-19 or just some extra time working on their maths, we can find the perfect tutor for them.

House Maintenance

There’s nothing like a leak to make the whole day seem even more stressful. With your son’s rugby game and your daughter’s football training in an hour, you may be thinking, what do you do? You might not even know who to call or what to do. With the help of a virtual assistant, we can organise and book all the help you need when fixing fixtures or doing odd jobs around the house.

Our errand service can take care of all of the maintenance at your home, from hiring a cleaning service to finding you a new broadband provider. Tasks like these are often the last thing you want to do after a hard day at work. Instead, let one of our virtual assistants handle this during the day so you can come home to an organised life.

The added extras

The benefits of a virtual assistant don’t stop at paying bills. If you have a birthday or anniversary party coming up, we can help ensure everything is organised from entertainment to catering. Our no-fuss event planning services can assist you in organising the perfect event for your loved ones. All you need to do is tell us the budget, give us your ideas, and we will start finding the best decorations and vendors. And invites? We can send them out too!

It doesn’t just stop at parties. If you need to jet set away and get a break from home life, we can help you plan the ideal holiday. There’s so much to think about when planning a holiday from hotels to currency, flights and travel documents. Rather than stressing about all of these things in the run-up to a relaxing holiday, let our virtual assistants handle everything. All you need to do is find your passport, pack your bags and show up at the airport!

Virtual Assistance At Work

Work admin
Separating your work life from your home life can be hard, with so many work emails and business trips to book, you are soon taking your work home with you. Instead of letting your time disappear beneath piles of paperwork, hire a virtual assistant for some support today.

Whether you own your own business or work for a corporate leader, your diary, emails, and clientele can all get a bit much. By using a virtual assistant, your emails can be taken care of, ensuring that you never miss an important meeting or deadline again. We can create transcribes of meetings, as well as send urgent emails and letters to clients and employees.

You can work in peace, knowing the nitty-gritty of admin is being cared for by an expert virtual assistant who wants to reduce your workload. Every critical task you set is taken care of with focus and attention, allowing you to go home happy.


Owning your own business can be hard no matter the size. You have to care about the way your branding looks from the website to your social media channels. Marketing is especially important, and you want everything to be perfect for bringing in new customers and revenue.

A virtual assistant can help keep your website up-to-date as well as flood your social media with engaging posts. A consistent online presence is very beneficial for all businesses, and if you don’t have the time to handle this yourself, don’t let your business suffer as a result. A virtual assistant can take care of the marketing side of your business so you can focus on designing and creating amazing products. Consumers live online, and so it would be silly to not take advantage of this.


Are you expanding your business? Or has a new position become suddenly available? Either way, the hiring process can be a tedious one that you may not want to spend vital time on. Rather than taking your attention away from other important work tasks, a virtual assistant can help source emergency cover and even create job advertisements. When the applicants come flooding in, they can go through them and highlight the best ones for you to interview personally.

Our team members specialise in providing professional personal assistance to a wide range of clients. Our support gives you the missing ingredient you need to continue working towards your targets without burning out. If you want the full details of our services or for a personal quote, visit our website today. Here at Timpi, we are a virtual assistant provider that focuses on staying affordable, reliable and accessible for everyone. No matter what you need, we will have the answer.