How to Destress from work

Oct 21 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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Work takes up a terrifying amount of time when it comes to your day to day life. The shocking part, however, is that many people end up taking their work home with them and this takes up even more of their time. De-stressing from work is now an essential part to making sure that it remains only a part of your life rather than consuming the entire thing! Here’s some tips on how to do that …

Have a fun ritual that you do after work each day

It doesn’t have to be anything complex or complicated. Maybe its changing into your favourite sweats or PJs. Maybe its having a 5-minute dance party with your family. Whatever feels right, do it every single day — even when you don’t want to — and it will help your body and mind understand that you are no longer at work.

Leave work at work

This one is hard for most of us. We all get stressed that stress follows us home in the form of worry or ruminating. You’ll want to train yourself to mentally leave work at work so that your brain switches over to home life as opposed to work life when you’re off the clock.

Try not to unload with loved ones

Many of us will vent and rant with our partners or even our kids to some degree. While it’s healthy to talk and get stress out, consider the fact that home may not be the best place for it. It brings negativity into that space and can create frustration in your safe haven. Perhaps something like having a drink with a work friend or even talking to a counsellor regularly could be just as helpful.

Do something with your free time

Most of us spend our weekend or evenings relaxing. While this is important it’s also prime for starting to plan ahead to the week coming up and all of the things that are waiting for us. Infuse some fun into your life by doing something productive with your time. Maybe it’s taking a hike with the family or going to the beach. Maybe it’s learning a new skill. Just do something so that you can see there is more to your life than just work and resting after work.

Minimise or outsource those tasks that you don’t need to do

This is a big one. Many of us get stressed during work hours and even out of hours because we are just taking on too much. Consider the fact that bringing on something as flexible and cost-effective as a virtual assistant could help take that pressure off in the sheer amount of things to do, as well as focusing your energy on those tasks that need you most. This often makes work a bit more enjoyable, too, which is always nice! De-stressing sometimes means sharing your load with someone who is there to help you out in whatever form you need. A virtual assistant is the best person to consider for that.

Work may take up a lot of time in your life, but you can minimise its effect on the rest of your life by doing your part to destress from work and all of its after effects. From a dance party to a virtual assistant, it all matters.