Here’s why wellbeing support for small business owners is so important

Feb 28th 2022 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

Virtual Assistant Services UK

Living your best life? For anyone running their own business, the answer’s likely to be yes… and no. With the highs, lows and everything in between – having your own business is challenging!

That’s why finding the right support for small business owners is so important. As well as support with the more day-to-day requirements, business owners need to put a serious focus on wellbeing.

Wellbeing isn’t simply about drinking enough water and taking a walk every day. If only it was! Getting the right support and being aware of your personal limitations is also a key element of wellbeing.

I know only too well the difficulties of balancing wellbeing with running a successful business. Working with our highly trained executive assistants will help reduce the pressure of running your own business and allow you to proactively improve your wellbeing and that of your team. Here are some of the ways we can help you do that.

Improve your cashflow

We all know that cash is king. But it’s also a source of stress. It feels galling to work hard and yet not have the cashflow to back up all your effort. So often, the problem isn’t the lack of business, but problems in getting the cash you are owed. Your VA can help improve your cashflow – managing both money in and out by:

  •       Updating payment terms to help ensure faster payment and penalties for late payments
  •       Sending out invoices and following up with late payers

·        Negotiating better rates and terms on outgoings such as utilities and insurance.

Formalise employee policies and procedures

Employing a team comes with its share of stress. And that can really take its toll on your emotional wellbeing. One way to reduce that stress is by having bulletproof employee policies in place.

Your VA can help you formalise the policies and procedures you need in place to run your team fairly, legally and productively. By working with our partner HR consultant, your VA can help you implement a performance review process, disciplinary procedures and ensure your employment contract and employee handbook do what they need to do. The result? More clarity for your employees and a tried and tested set of tools to help you manage your team.

Manage and book leave

Booking time off work shouldn’t be a nice to do – taking a break is essential to your wellbeing. So, get your VA to find a slot in your calendar for some time off and then leave them to take care of the telephone answering and email monitoring while you’re away. And don’t worry about finding the perfect holiday location. Your VA can help you book flights, hotels and airport transfers… it’s all part of the service!

Want a change of scenery but know you’ll need to check in with important suppliers? Your Timpi VA can find you the perfect location for working somewhere beautiful and inspiring. With the rise of the digital nomad, it’s honestly never been easier to work away from your office while driving your business forward.

Be your flexible and affordable extra team member

Running a small business means turning your hand to almost everything. And that can get tough! Having your Timpi VA on board gives you a super-flexible extra team member on hand. Not only can they draw from our rich range of services – ranging from finance support and copywriting to design and event management – but because you’re only paying for the hours they work, your Timpi VA is amazingly affordable.

Want to know more about working with our trained and experienced executive assistants? Get in touch today!