Got a ‘Start Up’ business? Tips on how a VA can help

Jan 14 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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In the first few months of a new business the entrepreneur will need put in place all the strategies to establish the start-up, but once this is running smoothly the focus then turns to growing the business and this is where a virtual assistant can help. The idea of taking your eye off a growing business to train someone new is daunting but this is where a VA is perfect as they already have all the skills and competency to get the job done. They will be experienced in a variety of tasks and setting up systems which will benefit your business in more ways than you realise.

If you can be more productive as a business owner you can get more clients which is essential to a fledging business. More clients equals more money. As your workload increases you will be stretched further and you definitely do not want to neglect any clients or undo all the good work you have done in getting them on board. This is where you need more staff and a VA is an excellent option. They not only save you money but keep your business running. They can take the stress away that comes with trying to get a new business off the ground. Your focus will switch as the company grows and a virtual assistant can take on much of the organisation to free you up to put your heart into where it matters.

In the early days of a new company, funds will be limited and it’s estimated that hiring virtual assistants can save you as much as 40 percent compared to hiring an office based employee. The savings you make can then be spent elsewhere on a social media campaigns or installing an advanced phone system. If the thought of not having someone in the same office is a concern, there are many free apps that make it easy to track the hours your VA is doing and also to be able to chat to them in an instant so it really couldn’t be easier. A VA is a very flexible alternative to permanent staff and you can pick and choose when you need them and what you need them for.

As an entrepreneur you will have a keen interest in the specific nature of your business but not perhaps in admin, social media or booking your travel so that is where the services of a VA are essential. As your business grows you will need to focus 100% on delivering what you are promising and if this starts to become a struggle, it may be time to ask for help. Why would you put your time into doing those mundane tasks when all you want to be doing is coming up with new ideas to expand your business? A virtual assistant can do all those things for you and more.

You will find over time that a virtual assistant is also someone who can bring a wealth of experience in areas that are not familiar to you. Your weaknesses could be their strengths and they can contribute to the growth of your business with specialised skills that they have. It will not just be admin they are good at but perhaps website development, project management and blogging. All of which can move your business forward in ways you may not have realised.

As a virtual assistant is also growing their own business you will see that they are efficient and perform above your expectations. They work the hours that they want so are often more productive than a permanent member of staff. They are flexible too and want to grow your business with you. They will be an asset to your business by keeping costs down but maximising productivity so if this sounds like music to your ears, get in touch with TIMPI today.