ENOUGH with the hustle! Here’s the best way to make 2023 a success

November 2nd 2022 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

virtual assistant

Fed up with the unachievable ‘advice’ on social media about insane ways to make a difference to your working life?

Us too. We think they’re great if you’re a complete hustler with endless energy, bottomless pockets and no family or friends to worry about. But chances are, you’re not.

In our book, success only comes with hard work, planning and a great support network.

That’s why we’ve pulled out five of our favourite ‘get rich quick’ ideas, and given them the Timpi sense check…

 1. Discover a passive income stream that requires minimal work

There’s no such thing. Whether you want to create a course, become a YouTube sensation or write an Amazon bestseller, these things take time and effort. Get some support in the right places however, and with time and effort, you can create a passive income stream. In fact, it’s one of the things we support our clients with!

 2. Finally crack TikTok/Insta/LinkedIn and have an endless, effortless source of leads

Again. It’s perfectly possible to ‘crack’ social media, but it requires a lot of work. You need strategic thinking, original thought, self-belief and (let’s face it) lots of editing time. However, get someone to give you a hand with creating and posting your social media posts and you’ll be moving in the right direction.

 3. Hustle until you find the PERFECT client

Ah, the perfect client. Sadly, your commercial soulmate will spot a hustler at a hundred paces. Business success is about relationship building, and for that, you need to invest time. Networking events, follow-ups, 121s… they all take time! Make an effort to book and attend meetings and calls with the people you meet, helping create the valuable relationships that will in time result in dream clients.

 4. Invest in yourself with 6am daily meditations, 90 minutes of yoga at lunch and an 8.30pm bedtime

Great idea. And yes, it probably does make a difference. However, without the right support, all that time away from your desk and family/partner is going to result in unanswered emails, missed opportunities and an irritated other half. Find a balance and get some admin support that will help you make time for a lunch break and a decent amount of time off in the evening.

 5. Discover deep working

Now this really can help you succeed but is so difficult to actually achieve! That is unless, you can find someone to answer your phone calls, monitor your emails and stay on top of your socials. That way you can crack on with your work in the knowledge that nothing is going to slip through the net.

Do one thing this year to make 2023 YOUR year…

At Timpi, we’re all about looking after the little details so that you can concentrate on delivering the big things. That’s why we’re running our ‘treat your business’ festive deal.

Sign-up before 20 December 2022 and you’ll get one of our talented, experienced VAs, fully onboarded and briefed, ready to hit the ground running in January. They’ll be by your side to lighten the load, leaving you free to focus on building your business in 2023.

Here’s how it works:

  1.     Sign up before 20 December 2022. 
  2.     You receive a reduced minimum commitment of five hours to use during December.
  3.     We’ll match you with your perfect VA and carry out your onboarding in December.
  4.     You use your five hours to get to know your VA, help them understand your business and start planning how you’ll work together in the new year.
  5.     Come January 3rd, you and your VA are ready to hit the ground running, helping make 2023 a roaring success.

Not quite sure what working with a new VA involves? Our blog post ‘What’s the best way for me to start working with my VA?’ was written with your situation in mind!