Virtual business support

Matching your needs with our expertise.

How our virtual assistant services work

We genuinely believe that there’s no task too small or too out of the ordinary for us.

We’re here to tackle whatever challenges your business throws your way, so you can focus on growing and doing what you love.

All of our executive assistants are not only professional but also experienced and highly qualified. Through our careful onboarding process, we ensure that you’re paired with an executive assistant perfectly suited to meet your specific needs. Just hand over your daily to-dos and busy schedules, and let us provide the flexible business support that frees you up to concentrate on the heart of your business.

What’s so special about Timpi virtual assistants?

Marianthi NikolaidouMarianthi Nikolaidou
12:18 07 Jun 24
We have been working with Timpi for just over a year now and have found them to be incredibly helpful and proactive. Our VA, Michaela, is very friendly and efficient, but she's also detail oriented, intuitive, and kind. They've been so flexible and efficient when we have needed help at short notice, alongside the long term support we have. I would highly recommend TIMPI for all your needs from the day to day to the more unusual.
Andrea DaviesAndrea Davies
14:34 09 Apr 24
Before I discovered the amazing Timpi, I was literally drowning and inundated with business and personal admin, invoices, spreadsheets, messages, emails, cash flow forecasts, the list goes on and on, literally everything that I hate about that side of being in business. I can now completely focus my attention to what I love doing the most, my actual job and building the business. I can now leave everything in the very capable hands of my amazing VA, Steph. She takes care of absolutely everything! I was a little cynical at the beginning as we’d only ever video call, but I can honestly say it works brilliantly and helps with the discretion side of running a business. I cannot recommend this VA service highly enough…
Carletta BollCarletta Boll
10:44 27 Mar 24
Working with Lorraine has been a pleasure, she's smart, friendly, receptive, and a hard worker. We were blessed to have her! Hope to work with you again soon.
shahin khosravishahin khosravi
12:20 12 Mar 24
I’m truly blown away by Michaela and Timpi.I was super concerned about handing my business over to a total stranger when I was heading off for a holiday. A few days in, I could see I had nothing to worry about.Work was done to a very good level, I had daily updates of things that happened, and a detailed handover when I was back from my holiday. She had to deal with some of the most difficult things that my business faces and she handled it perfectly.She did such a good job, that I’ve been left feeling I’ve missed something as I’ve had so little to do on my return.Highly recommend this service!
Hugh VineyHugh Viney
07:33 05 Mar 24
Have used Timpi for nearly 5 years - great service, great VAs
laura sandslaura sands
09:59 04 Mar 24
I've worked with Timpi for just over a year now and have found them to be incredibly helpful and proactive.My VA, Naomi, is not only friendly and efficient, but she's also really switched-on and regularly makes suggestions about things that I hadn't considered. She's a real asset to my work and is so much more than an extra pair of hands.I also love the fact that if my VA is off on holiday, I automatically get holiday cover from another of the team's fantastic assistants. Highly recommend!
Samantha ShattockSamantha Shattock
12:28 01 Mar 24
Steph and her team are brilliant. We have been using Timpi's services for a number of years and everyone we have worked with has been great. They've been so flexible and efficient when we have needed help at short notice, alongside the long term support we have. Would highly recommend them.
Mary SommerladMary Sommerlad
15:28 31 Jan 24
Michaela is the best PA you could ask for. Incredible attention to detail, intuitive and kind. I would highly recommend TIMPI for all your needs from the day to day to the more unusual. Very grateful to have found Stephanie, Michaela and the TIMPI team

Business Support

We provide dedicated online admin support to organisations of all sizes and are ready to manage both one-off tasks and long-term projects. This allows you to channel your energy into what truly matters or take a breather from the constant email influx.

Our virtual business support services cover a range of areas, including:

Virtual Assistant Services UK

Email management

We tailor our service to suit your needs giving you the support that best suits your working style and business needs.

  • Manage your overflowing email inbox, so you never miss an important email again
  • Action important emails on your behalf
  • Transcribe emails from voice notes to enhance your productivity

Diary management

A dedicated virtual assistant by your side means you can outsource with complete confidence knowing everything will be taken care of.

  • Plan your meetings so you have enough time at your desk to do your work
  • Find the most suitable time for meeting attendees, no matter where they’re joining from
  • Follow-up with meeting attendees and hosts 24 hours before meetings to avoid frustrating no-shows

Corporate travel concierge

Use our travel concierge service for the best deals with no effort on your part.

  • Find you a hotel in the right location, at the right budget
  • Organise visas, insurance and other important travel documents
  • Create an easy-to-refer-to itinerary to help you stay on track while you’re away
  • Find flights, trains and transfers to suit your timings and budget
  • Give you a list of recommended local restaurants, shops and taxis to help you when you arrive

Book-keeping services

Qualified and experienced book-keepers are here to help you stay on top of your accounts.

  • Accurately classify and file your expenses
  • Reconcile your books against your bank statements
  • Provide you with regular financial updates and do your self-assessment on your behalf
  • Look after your invoices, bills and purchase orders
  • Chase unpaid invoices
Virtual Assistant Services UK
Virtual Assistant Services UK

HR services

Trust in Timpi to assist in helping with your HR needs. Feel confident that your HR is in safe hands with Timpi.

  • Help you with employment contracts and company policies
  • Ensure you are compliant with the latest employment legislation
  • Support you with grievance and disciplinary procedures

Answering the phone

Make your day easier with our phone answering service.

  • Cut the amount of time you spend answering the phone, leaving you free to focus on other tasks
  • Answer your calls with your company’s name in a professional, friendly manner
  • Guarantee all calls are answered so you don’t miss a single opportunity
  • Transfer your calls to the right person or send a message immediately by text or email
Virtual Assistant Services UK
Virtual Assistant Services UK

Employee benefits

Help your employees make the most of their time off by giving them our lifestyle management service as an employee benefit.

  • Finding reputable plumbers, electricians, gardeners… they tell us what they need, we’ll get going.
  • Special event planning. From kids’ entertainers to a romantic date-night restaurant, we’re here to make things easier.
  • Taking the headache out of holiday planning by arranging flights, ferries or trains to suit their plans.

Emergency and holiday cover

With our flexible business support services, you can call in the reinforcements with our holiday and emergency cover – we’ve got the people you need to make your job easier.

  • Experienced book-keeping cover.
  • Creative and reliable social media management cover.
  • Well-informed content writing cover.
  • Capable and friendly team assistant cover.
  • Organised and professional PA cover.
Virtual Assistant Services UK
Virtual Assistant Services UK

Business event planning

Hand your event planning over to one of our experienced assistants for dedicated business support.

  • Finding the perfect venue to suit your delegates, event type and budget.
  • Sourcing tickets for top sporting, theatre and entertainment events.
  • Liaising with your venue, caterers and other suppliers for a flawless event.
  • Making an impact with custom printed materials, AV, lighting and special-effects.
  • Informing and updating delegates and guest speakers to make sure everyone arrives on time.

Research, project management & special requests

With a host of talents, you can call on your assistant to help with a wide range of unusual and supremely helpful tasks helping you stay on track and claw back time.

  • Choose, buy and deliver corporate and personal gifts on your behalf.
  • Research topics and present you with a list of findings giving you the TLDR version.
  • Chase up suppliers or team members to get the latest status on your key projects.
Virtual Assistant Services UK
Virtual Assistant Business Support

How our business support services can help

Juggling diary and email organization, handling follow-ups, managing bill payments, and conducting client research—these tasks merely scratch the surface of the myriad responsibilities that come with running your own business. At times, the sheer volume of these responsibilities can be daunting. We understand the stress that accompanies the dual challenge of managing a business while addressing the demands of your personal life.

This is precisely where TIMPI steps in.

What type of support do you require

The Timpi quiz

Work out how much time
you need

Just answer the (very) easy questions and as if by magic, we’ll give you an idea of how many hours of support you might need from a VA each month.

Looking for lifestyle management?

We’re here to help. Just have a look at our dedicated lifestyle management services for more information on how our experienced teams can help.