Timpi and Covid

Sep 16 – Written By Stephanie Sheargold

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Readjusting to a new normal

As we gradually re-adjust to a new normal, and our businesses start to open their doors again here at TIMPI, we hope that things are starting to feel that little bit more normal for you and your family.

Throughout the pandemic, we made it our mission to help our clients through what has been a tremendously difficult time for them, giving our customers the freedom to breathe, to make their working life suit them and to give them the invaluable family time that means so much to so many.

Hereโ€™s how we accomplished that mission

Our teams of virtual assistants have stepped up to the plate, going above and beyond to bring order to the COVID-19 chaos. Tackling both personal and business challenges for their clients, our teams have supported each customer by taking small tasks off their hands to give them the space to focus on the bigger picture.

From scheduling Zoom meetings to helping with the back-to-school rush, TIMPI assistants have been there, time and time again, to help make every minute count.A personal assistant can book childcare or doggy daycare, pay your bills and remind you about all of your important events. They can organise your life and ensure your time at home is spent relaxing and spending time with your children rather than stressing.

How has Timpi helped people through the Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown so many challenges our way, presenting new obstacles that need our focus. Along with those new obstacles come the everyday admin and personal tasks that take up so much time for little return.

Our TIMPI assistants have taken the load of those tasks off the shoulders of clients, helping them reconfigure their work-life balance in the wake of the pandemic. Here are just some of the COVID-19 challenges theyโ€™ve handled:

Business support

  • Scheduling Zoom and Microsoft meetings video conferences and calls
  • Reshuffling calendars based on new Coronavirus and working-from-home guidelines
  • Reviewing and implementing furlough requirements and payroll considerations
  • Creating graphic design materials to inform audiences about Coronavirus changes
  • Assisting business staff with issues and challenges arising from the pandemic and lockdown

Lifestyle management

  • Providing childcare support for workers during their working from home situation
  • Linking clients with home tutors for one-on-one support during school closures
  • Sourcing holiday opportunities in the UK during the international travel ban
  • Keeping families connected with loved ones with scheduled video calls
  • Offering personal support with general worries around COVID-19 and the pandemic